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Friday, November 27, 2009

Mayhem's 11

Gave my first exam yesterday..was pretty good.
Nov 27th to Dec 8th are a crucial and testing set of 11 days.
My schedule is packed with a dozen things..
and I keep working them as they come..
Had just 3 hours of sleep yesterday....gonna Crash after this Post !

Working day in and day out to ensure that both the project and my revision are on schedule is hard.
But there's a certain satisfaction in the feeling that it's being done in spite of everything.

It would have been a lot easier if a Certain Someone I adore...
....hadn't chosen to go underground . :-)
But I guess it's Okay...Priorities do take Precedence.
I of all people.....am pretty aware of that.

Started the FB project a day before the exams.....it's Awesome !
Both as a Project and an Experience.
It's a little intimidating to work among people who created things that I use everyday.
I have to be twice as good as I thought I was..if I have to meet even half of their expectations.
Not to mention I have another 10 days of exams.
It's also pretty humbling to see people with brains like theirs just being 'people'.

It opens me up to a whole new dimension and perspective on how things really work.
Smart and Bright and all that I thought I was.....I realize that it means nothing.
The world cares about Results and that's all there is to it.
"It's not who we are...but what we do that defines us..."..a line I remember from a movie that I can't remember.
But that's my new driving line.

There are people on that floor who have already done the things that I consider the big goals of my life
and to them..it's just the start.
Chris runs two companies in London and  an orphanage in Guntur...The man is down to earth and balanced in attitude.
He's put a lesson in place that I hope I never forget no matter where I am.
A lesson that I learnt a little late...but not too late.

It's gonna be an enriching experience to work with these people and I pray.....
That by the time we're done....by the time I'm done...
I'll be taking home something that will last me a lifetime.
The values and perspective are all that matter.
More than the ephemeral ecstasy of a material existence.

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