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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chewing Hard.....

I've done it before....risked a lot and barely pulled through.
I told(swore to) myself that I wouldn't mess around again....
The last time was fun and paid well too...
but it put me in a spot where my academics were on the edge.
There were mixed feelings of accomplishment and nervousness.
Nevertheless I pulled through......

Funny thing about the the way my life turns out ...
Is that the best opportunities always come when my hands are already full.
But I've piled them on and never regretted it.
A Development Project during my Pre-Finals.... a trip to Goa in between my Finals.
A Set of Mid-Sems just after a College festival or a Theater Workshop during my Finals.

They never come with a warning and they're always too precious to let go.
So when Chris Evans told me he had a Facebook Project for me......It was Deja Vu and a lot more.

I've got a couple of things on my list that I need to get done.
Running my own company and my very own NGO are two of the most important.
But it takes a lot more than a 'wish' to run a company and a lot more than 'good intentions' to run an NGO.
So this opportunity is some what of a Big Fish and a step in the direction that I know I had always been looking for.

The tricky part is ...I got my exams all of this month and the next ....they are my last set in the course.
They are not something a night-out can cater to..
and FaceBook is not something that hits you early one Morning.
So I gotta take the plunge and keep my fingers crossed....Gotta Go the Distance and keep it from going sideways.

I've done it before and it did pay off...but I've never put so much at stake.
I got exams to pull through and a client to impress...I mess up one and it tolls my focus on the other.
To anyone but moi.....the saying "Bitten more than one can Chew" would be an apt title for this post.
Could weather this gracefully or fail miserably...either way I'll still have my sense of humor !

But come to think of it.......the less I 'think' about the mess I'm in........the better my chances of gettin through it.

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