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Monday, December 7, 2009

City Interrupted

It's been 10 days since the TRS stir began.
With it's leader going off and on like a flickering city light....
A strange world shows itself in flashes...
A world with a helpless system....doing just enough to show all it's citizens that it still exists.

Not knowing enough about the sentiment that drives it's activists,
makes many like me, a curious bystander watching from the sidelines.
For their earnest...the movement paints a picture of their new world dawning.
...while for the larger madness...its the same as a dog chasing cars...
not knowing what to do even if it caught one.

For me...time seems to have come alive....
Whispering the words that I failed to listen while they were being screamed.
It has passed through the prism of the mind and shown it's manifold.
It's priceless and yet slips by your fingers...with nothing but memories to hold on to.

We have everything but time....

I'm glad that my work's still going on schedule.
It's a little risky....having to drive through a rally almost everyday,
...but the work draws me towards it.
Understanding the insides of FaceBook is something that totally works for me.
The best thing about it are not it's technical intricacies....
but the simple yet strong social values that that are implemented through them.

A lot has happened this week that has worked both for and against my plans.
From my exams being postponed....
...to a greedy graphics firm trying to charge in Pounds instead of Rupees.
Made some deals...dropped some.....but learned a ton and that is never a loss.

With so much having come to a stand still....
I have a long awaited opportunity to get organized
and bring a system into the way I do things.....
Will wrap some things up and head for Kurnool...
....where the need of the hour is a lot more clear.

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