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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Make or Break

Well...Here we are again...that time of the year...
Looking back and wondering...was that crazy or what???!
Looking forward with lessons learnt...plans and promises made.
....mostly to ourselves....but made nonetheless.
2009 has been a rollercoaster ride and I'm all charged up for another one.

There's an Optimist inside me thats smiling at the Sceptic.
Strange as it seems......I plan to play safe and take risks at the same time.
To keep pushing myself while making sure that I stay focused in the right direction.
With my cynical illusions fading to give way to positive possibilities.

Realizing the difference between knowledge and it's illusions.
That thinking that we "know" something is a greater ignorance than not knowing something.
That Respect goes a long way in getting things done.
That letting go...is sometimes the best way to to hold on to something.
That hard work and sincerity are a combination that seldom fails......
..........whether or not you are a genius.

I realized that I can love someone without expecting something in return.
I learnt that my perspective can affect peoples' lives.....not just my own.
I learnt that pushing yourself to excel......adds more value and endurance than success itself.....
Funny I should feel this way..but I've learnt quite a lot by watching our film and TV Stars and their amusing antics......2009 has had quite a few of them.

Resolutions made....Resolutions broken.....all said and done.....and a year well spent...  :-).
As we walk through towards a New Year and a New Decade...I pray that we put our lessons learnt to good use and work not just for ourselves but for all that is sustained and is a consequence of our actions and inactions.

Hi Sneha.. :-)
I pray for you and  hope you get all that You wish for......in this year and the years to come.
You mean more to me with each passing day.....You are the strongest reason for me to be.
Bless You....Have a Rocking Year !
Arthur :-)

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