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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back (on) Track

A compromise of sorts.
"Continue with the agitation...but take a break for your exams",says OU.
Fair Enough.....I can live with a delay in my exams...beats having to lose a year.
The only irritating  part is that I'll have to take time off an awesome project to open my books again.
Kurnool plans went bust......no thanks to the agitation...
Will have to set eyes on something else...Lavasa Maybe.

Won't be playing basketball for a while...hurt my nose pretty bad in the last game.
It's swollen to twice it's size and is a glowing shade of bright pink.
I could use my nose as an indicator while making turns....
Better yet...could hang last year's Christmas decor on it for Extra Bling.

I've become a laughing stock everywhere I go...good reason to take time off from the project...besides the exams of course.

Let see how it all turns out.

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