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Friday, December 18, 2009

EcoSystem Vs EcoSystem

The first being the system that we all have been learning about since we were 7 years old.The second being the Economic system that gets the last word in everything.COP 15 is more a summit of economies than a summit of nations that are concerned about the future of our planet.Following the conference,one can clearly sense the air of  heated political debate in the place of diplomacy or consensus.With everything in question....from the right of  developed nations to direct the developing ones.....to the issue of climate change data being compromised,the Climate Change Summit has dark clouds looming all over it.

Greenpeace has been a whistle blower for years about the effects of global warming and climate experts have busted the "myth" that it's just speculation.Its ironic that "An Inconvenient Truth" took home an Oscar for best documentary,while the very message that it delivered was left in the loom.While we find it  shocking to see polar bears cannibalize each other in the north pole,it still doesn't ring the bell for most of us.The oceans'  ability to hold GH gases has waned,while the clouds of smoke over cities get thicker every 6 months.Brazil is doing what it can to control illegal logging of its priceless rain forests but it's population needs somewhere to go and needs farmland to feed it's hordes.With all the bells ringing, a compromise on climate changing (read industrial and progressive) activity is a huge political and economic challenge.Leaders must make difficult decisions keeping in mind the interests of their own people for whom they are most directly responsible.

One has to admit, reduction in the carbon footprint has direct implications on the economies that bring them about.To put a cap on green house gas emissions would mean that a government would have to enforce new regulations on emission, reduce or halt the construction of new plants and pump more money into clean energy and public transport.The effects of these measures would radically affect  developing countries like ours and the Chinese.Thermal Power(Coal Based)  generators still stand as the primary energy infrastructure in these two countries.Not to mention the sizable population that is employed in coal mines and Thermal Plants. Enforcing regulations on these plants would naturally have a domino effect on the productive capacity of virtually all industries which again will affect prices without a proportional inflow of funds(unless our "friends" who are already recuperating from a financial collapse decide to play Santa).

Watching activists getting batoned and arrested is an unpleasant sight.But is trivial compared to the sights that we will have to see if the issue of climate change remains unaddressed.It's about time we stepped up and did something while we have a chance and while it's still a lot less expensive than it will be should we fail.
A collapse of the summit would put all nations and their economies in a situation where everyone would be right and yet, every one would lose.

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