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Friday, August 14, 2009

You Who ?

Exam results were out last week...
Thought I'd screwed up for sure this time.
As I waited for the damn results page to load,I had fingers on both hands crossed.
Got through....Phew...Not bad !
Had really negelected my studies,working on a few development projects.
My eyes were reeling like a jackpot machine when I saw the figures on the cheque leaves.

I had really put myself into work and had negelected my books.
This was a close shave and I swore I would'nt take such a risk again.
Not while still in college.

Anyway..I'm in my final semester now and have reached a point where I need to call some real shots.
I worked with a multinational before and know all bout the 8hr shifts,the 5 days a week,the coporate parties,work culture and assembly line of executives and TLs...that's why I got out in the first place.
The way I see it,all that is good if you are someone who plays safe and likes things to have a secure and certain pattern.
That's something I am not and can never be.

Always been a guy with varied interests and a creative streak.
Been a bit of a computer geek,an actor,a singer,a dancer,an explorer and an entrepreneur(thats a recent development).
I'm what they call a "late bloomer" and Man !.... I surprise myself at times.

When I got into Loyola,all I had in mind was to get done with my course with no ideas for the future.
All I knew is that I had a knack for algorithms and that all things with a screen and keyboard seemed to like me for some reason.
But little did I know that there were other things that mattered a lot more than just my IT skills.

I've done many different things over these two years and these are things that I never knew were in me.
From being my class representative to bigger and heavier things like organizing rallies and building expensive projects from scratch.
From building and maintaining my department's website to helping some friends in shooting their short films.
Participating in research paper contests and winning awards at prestigious institutions.
Helping my mom in organizing and hosting charity meets and running off on holidays by myself when I needed to take a break.

I've done whatever I could to learn as much as I can and I can safely say I'm a brighter,smarter guy than I was two years ago....not to mention..mentally...I'm as tough as nails.
I have big dreams of building and owning my own company one day.Backpacking Western Europe,Scandanavia and Egypt,building a bike or car from scratch,earning a doctorate,runnning a charitable foundation that does'nt just give money but gets down and works at root level,holding a political office(far fetched but Yah! I wanna do that).....these are a few of the other things on the list that I pray I can realize.

At this junction where I have just a couple of months left over,I know that looking back at all the things I've done,
I realize how much I need to figure myself out and how hard I need to work to get where I want to be.
I know I have the drive but the direction is the real challenge.I'm glad that I've accomplished many of the things that were important to me back in the day...I've seen all the movies I've always wanted to....although some of them were a pain to find but were worth it.I've read all the books that I've always wanted to.I've backpacked the length of our country(the breadth is waiting for this summer)....trekked,skied,climbed and jumped.Met and learned things from amazing people.

At this point I realize how much I need to get back into myself,put myself in the chair
and ask...where do you wanna be ?

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