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Sunday, August 16, 2009

When all else fails.....

You're having a crazy day....life not making sense or it's making sense in a way you find hard to accept.
You're upset,you're worked up.you're a train on the verge of derail.....you take a moment...you pull out our iPod or your phone.
You twist your fingers on the wheel or scroll to the right station and 'click'.The healing begins.
A river starts to flow in your head and you're flowing with it.Your body's suspended...your blood pressure returns to normal.You're heart's stopped screaming and your hands stop trembling.You're getin fixed...and will be fixed...by the time this track is over.

Since you were a little kid..you remember your favourite tunes...they still make you happy.
No matter how old you get or how much you rise or fall,you've kept your music.
It carries you,It bring's you to your knees.....It reminds you who you really are and you're feet are back on the ground.

I remember playing playing "Black or White" endlessly on my tape deck till it drove my Mom nuts.
I remember my first Roger Waters concert and wishing they'd invented a time machine.
My Mom and Dad marking the times of their lives with the music that was a rage back then.
My family and friends,we all have something called "our song".

There's something bout music that has worked while all else has failed.
If you're watching the footage of a music festival..you wouldn't be able to deny that this is what brings people together.
It has been the strongest and most universally accepted form of expression ever known.
Music is clay that can be whatever you want it to be.....motivation,pleasure,inspiration....even therapy.

Through the times, music has conquered all mind sets and crossed barriers more than anything else.
Over the centuries...correction,millinnea....music has has been our best friend more that any other science or art.
We have laughed,cried,held hands,danced,thought,stopped thinking,hummmed and swayed....all to the tune of music.
Why ? Why has this worked while all else has failed ?
Why are Jackson,Frank Sinatra and Presley worshiped as Gods ?
What did they have that made us want to listen to them over and over again ?.

So what is it about music that has worked where all else has failed?
...it's the Sincerity.
Sincerity that resonates with your soul.
No one can make true music without being true to themselves.
Ask the greatest musicians what keeps them going and the answers are simple.."We love to do it".
It's this sincerity that works.The sincerity that makes expression simple and powerful.

We have expressed the lives and times through our music.
From war to peace...from destruction to harmony ...from diversity to unity.
The essence of the Universe has been summed up in "OM".
Slokas are chanted to a tune.Prayers are sung in harmony.
Music flows from alpha to omega...and yet we never jade ourselves of it.
No age of art or science has prevailed over the age of music.

There have been moments in music that are icons of history.
From Elvis making pretty women scream to Louis Armstrong motivating the troops in Vietnam.
From Stephen Tyler making the fans go wild to Lata Mangeshakar making our Prime Minister cry.
From Pink Floyd's psychedelic artwork to Aerosmith's raw energy.
From Wartime protests like Woodstock to Peacetime rallies like LiveEarth.
They have done for mankind what no system or philosophy could ever accomplish.

I've been a music junkie all my life.
My tastes in music have evloved over the years and I still want more.
Anyone one who says he doesn't listen to music is not listening to life.
Take a moment...step aside from the "you" that is defined by others and by the system.
Go soul searching and you'll find yourself in a tune that will put everything else in place.

Find what works for you,borrow a CD from a friend..attend a concert..attend a music festival or watch it on TV and you'll know what I'm talking about.Take a step away from your 9 to 5,stop asking yourself questions, put those earplugs on and your life will make more sense.

Is music an art or is it a science ?
Science or Art....Art or Science...is one better than the other?
When war breaks out...will technology change the minds of the belligerents?
When a plague breaks out...will a visit to the Art gallery cure me ?
To know when art and science are different and when they come together,to see one in the other....to know how one can help the other and when one can preserve the other.....is the sign of and educated and evolved mind.
Ask again...Science or Art....Art or Science...is one better than the other ?
Are my hands better or my feet ?...Would I choose one over the other ?
It's a question that find a answer in contradiction.just like many facts of life that really matter.
Art and Science are balancing elements and to think that one is better over the other means that you need to think a lot harder.
Music transcends art and science to culminate both into...well music.

If you think that's all there is...I'm tellin you it is'nt.
Not until to see for youself....Ahem ! Listen for your self.
Make music your mantra in life.
Try that and you'll never regret a moment.

Tap your feet to Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea".
Jump to Elvis's "Blue Suede Shoes".
Laugh and Cry to Louis Armstrong's "Wonderful World"
Leave the planet on the Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon".
Celebrate life in Mika's "Grace Kelly"
Find poetry in "Kabhie Kabhie".
Worship one God through AR Rahaman's "Khwaja mere Khwaja".
Learn the horror of war in Metallica's "One"
Learn the value of peace in Micheal Jackson's "Heal the World".

Music has it all....music is all.It's food,it's water,it's the air we breathe.
If anyone of you has found a way to live without music..Don't tell me how.

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  1. I stumbled in here after googling "verge of derail." Awesome post; glad I came across it. May the music move your soul!