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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mixing Panic with Pleasure......

Calangut is an incredible beach.
Awesome beach,soft white sand
and stretches as far as the eye can see.
I met some decent folks who went to Goa every year.
They were kind enough to let me tag along.

The good thing bout Goa is that
a lot of places to visit are really close by.
So you can get around without gettin exhausted.
So I did just that...

Spent the morning at Calangut.
Dined and relaxed.

Visited the Church of St.Xavier next.
Visited a few more beaches.
And spent the evening on the Cruise.

Had fun....time to go..got an exam the day after.
Got back to Panjim and found a bus for Hyd that was leavin in bout 10 mins.
Rushed to an ATM and drew some cash.
Sprinted for the bus stand.

Had a feelin something was wrong...did I miss something ?
Pause...rewind....pause...did I take my card out of the ATM Machine ?
No I did'nt ! Screw the bus...
Run back and get it before someone finds it
and decides to extend his/her vacation in Goa.

Ran back..no card..just a grinning security guard.
Asked him bout the card...He said that the machine destroys
it if it is'nt pulled out in time.
Arthur Menezes..you missed a bus for home on a Saturday....It's 10:30pm.
All the banks are closed...and you got an exam on Monday.
Welcome to 'Screwed'ville.

Back to the hotel..
Mr.Rego at the reception is happy to see me.
I cant say the same for myself.
Had a heavy Goan meal for dinner.
and almost cried myself to sleep.

Woke late the next morning and blocked my card.
Drew some more cash and booked a seat for 7.00pm
.....the earliest one I could get.
Spent most of the day in Panjim,
and got on the bus in the evening.

Had an Afgan national seated next to me.
Had a really good converstion with the guy.
He was a student doin an MA in Eco from Pune.
It was great to hear his views and about his background.
Progressive and yet grounded and realistic.....
Spoke bout India,Indians,Afganisthan,Afgans,Business,Politics,Terrorrism and Goa.

Reaced Hyd at 7.00 in the mornin.
Reached home and crashed.
Spent the early Monday morning preppin for the exam.
Went really well..thank God.

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