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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time to Kill (lots of it......)

Spent most of the morning around the gateway and another hour on the ferry.
Did'nt have my CybeShot with me,so used the cam on my phone.
Had lunch at at a Barista(if club sandwiches and a Pina Colada qualify....)
Had loads of time, so decided to walk back to CST.
Stopped by the Jewish Synagogue and took a few pics.
Circled the Stock exchange and took a few more.

Spent bout an hour at the Jehangir Gallery.
Stared at some pretty interesting stuff.
Counted the bubbles and squares on other "not so intersting" stuff.
I find a piece a lot more interesting if I know a bit about the artist.

Did a bit more roaming around and still had time left over.
Bought a Miles Davis CD at Rhythm House.
Saw Angels and Demons...
Need to kill time somehow.

Walked over to Kayani's and had a snack.
Chatted with an interesting Parsi guy.
Got some useful info bout Panjim...thanks Rusky.

7:00pm finally...
Got on a bus filled with Goans
and one very annoying lady who had taken my seat and
I think was surgically attached to her cellphone.
Jabbered on till 11...I had to tell her to let me sleep.

Other than that...the drive was awesome....the view was incredible
the air was fresh and almost fragrant.
Reached Panjim at bout 6.30...
Looked beautiful from a distance and I got happier as we arrived.
Me go for now...will tell you about a minor disaster in the next post.

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